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FREIGHT meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary.
The ship carries both freight and passengers. a freight company. Will the goods be sent by air or sea freight? US The escaped prisoner made his getaway in a freight car on a train. the money paid for transporting goods.
Freight - definition of freight by The Free Dictionary.
transport of freight Frachtverkehr m. also freight charges Fracht f, Frachtkosten pl; freight paid Comm frachtfrei, Fracht bezahlt; freight and delivery paid US Comm frachtfrei zum Bestimmungsort. adv to send something freight air freight etw als Frachtgut per Luftfracht senden.
freight - Wiktionary.
From Late Middle English freight, freght, freyght and other forms, a variant of fraught, fraght transport of goods or people, usually by water; transportation fee; transportation facilities; cargo or passengers of a ship; figuratively burden; ballast of a ship; goods; a charge, 1 from Middle Dutch vracht, vrecht, and Middle Low German vrecht cargo, freight; transportation fee, 2 from Proto-West Germanic fra- from Proto-Germanic fra- prefix meaning 'completely, fully aihti from Proto-Germanic aihtiz possessions, property, ultimately from Proto-Indo-European heyḱ- to come into possession of, obtain; to own, possess The English word can be analysed as for- aught, and is a doublet of fraught.
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Learn More About freight. Post the Definition of freight to Facebook Share the Definition of freight on Twitter Time Traveler for freight. The first known use of freight was in the 15th century. See more words from the same century.
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